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Posted by on 17 May, 2013 in New Sites | 16 comments

New FOAMy sites Added!

Since I launched GoogleFOAM last night, I have had a flurry of feedback (all wonderful – thanks so much). Several people have contacted me with new sites (and a few I have inexplicably missed):

Tim from KIDocs pointed me to

Todd Fraser from Crit-IQ noted that I did not have the site listed – oversight corrected.

Christine Sanderson from the EBM Palliative Care site wrote to me. It is the third PallCare site in the index.

Gavin Doolan (@anaestricks) showed me his tumblr Anaestricks, and another Anaesthesia FOAM site, GasExchange.

Thanks to everyone, and keep the suggestions flowing.


  1. Please visit my weblog ( and consider to add it to your list. Thank you

    • I will check it out and add the site ASAP.

  2. Please add a #FOAMed site run by UCL Medical School using WordPress and Twitter. I will add a link to this fabulous resource on their too.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Should be up soon.

  3. Can you please add to the list. It is #FOAMED site created to house the podcast for the Washington University Emergency Medicine Journal Club podcast.

    • Should be up and Indexed. Nice work!

  4. I run this site in Italy on Prehospital EM. Please check the site and add to FOAM resources list. We are strongly trying to improve FOAM net even in our country. Thanks.

  5. Can you put to the list? our Dutch EM website.

    Greetings Egon Zwets

  6. Sorry for the delay, and are now indexed.

  7. I know you intended to add to the list, but I can’t find it…thanks.

    • Brian,

      Your site is indexed. The list on the landing page has to be updated separately, and I am doing a reorganization of if to make it more useful (I hope), but I have not had a chance to add you to the list yet. Soon.

    • Pretty sure you are already – you may not find the site in the list since it is maintained manually and I am behind….

  8. Thanks for all your hard work with this site! Much appreciated by the #FOAMed community.

    Please consider indexing Amal Mattu’s Emergency ECG of the Week Blog. Great cases that are posted weekly with supplemental written summaries and links to references.

    • I will double check this – big oversight on my part if I missed this. Thanks.

  9. Hello,
    there is a small, tiny #FOAM side about travel and emergency medicine with the URL . There will be more airway topics in the future :)

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