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GoogleFOAM becomes FOAMSearch

Posted by on 2 Jan, 2014 in Search | 1 comment

Well, I have gone and changed the site name once again…. Why, you ask? I re-read the Terms of Service I agreed to when I created the CSE and there is some fine print that says ‘don’t use Google in the name of your search engine’. Ooops, mea culpa. So while I have received no communication from the Googs’ lawyers, I am trying to be a good digital citizen by living up to my side of the bargain. So, now the Site is CALLED FOAMSearch, but the URL remains I own that, so there is no need to change any links. If this gives you significant cognitive dissonance...

New FOAMy sites Added!

Posted by on 17 May, 2013 in New Sites | 16 comments

Since I launched GoogleFOAM last night, I have had a flurry of feedback (all wonderful – thanks so much). Were expanding our small business software at a rapid rate! Several people have contacted me with new sites (and a few I have inexplicably missed): Tim from KIDocs pointed me to Todd Fraser from Crit-IQ noted that I did not have the site listed – oversight corrected. Christine Sanderson from the EBM Palliative Care site wrote to me. It is the third PallCare site in the index. Gavin Doolan (@anaestricks) showed me his tumblr Anaestricks, and another Anaesthesia FOAM site, GasExchange. Thanks to everyone, and keep the suggestions...

GoogleFOAM is BORN!

Posted by on 15 May, 2013 in Features, Search | 0 comments

As the FOAM community expands beyond the EM and Critical Care realms, so to does the need to search the expanding content.  What began as a tool I created for myself morphed into, and now to GoogleFOAM. I will be adding Refinements to the Custom Search Engine over the next few weeks that will allow you to search the growing FOAM universe in specific realms. I plan specific Ultrasound, Rural/General Practice/Family Medicine (GP/FM), PreHospital and Retrieval Medicine (PHARM), and Anaesthesia refinements initially.  More will be added as subject areas in the FOAM arena mature to require it. I want to add an EMCrit’s Journals Refinement, but PubMed, Google...