GoogleFOAM (was EMGoogle) is a unified search of all the FOAM resources on the Web.

GoogleFOAM is a work in progress. As the FOAM (#FOAMed) presence on the Internet grows, so will GoogleFOAM. If you find (or create) a blog, podcast, or tool on the Web let me know so we can add you to the index. You can contact me at taraine at hotmail dot com.

There is also a unified RSS feed for FOAMed resources:
FOAM EM RSS from EMChatter (TwitterBlog)

[A special THANKS to EMChatter for the help with the design of the new GoogleFOAM site!]

What is FOAMed?

A complete list of EM/CC Blogs is available at LITFL here, and Podcasts here.
LITFL also maintains a Searchable Database of Podcast Episodes.